LAVANID 1 - 014124

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VPE 20 Pieces
Quantity Plastic bottle PP screw cap 125ml
PCN 05901297

are sterile iso-osmotic wound irrigation solutions based on Ringer’s solution DAB 7 [German pharmacopoeia] with 0.02% or 0.04% polyhexanide. Polyhexanide inhibits the growth of micro-organisms in the wound dressings and in the solution itself.


  • LAVANID® 1 undergoes sterile filtration, is filled into screw-top bottles, and heat sterilised in the final container
  • Optimal composition based on Ringer’s solution with polyhexanide
  • The practical polypropylene containers come in different sizes and, thanks to the combination cap, allow various possibilities for withdrawing the fluid